Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Vote Yes on Missouri Amendment 2 for Medical Cannabis

On November 6th Missouri could become the 32nd state in the US to legalize medical cannabis. And on the ballot, voters must decide upon three different medical cannabis proposals: Amendment 2 (New Approach Missouri), Amendment 3 (Ben Bradshaw), and Proposition C (Travis Brown).

Voters should approve Amendment 2, reject Amendment 3 and Proposition C.

Amendment 3 will tax medical cannabis at the ridiculously high rate of 15 percent and that all goes to a institute operated by Bradshaw. This amendment would also allow local governments to dispensaries through a simple majority vote of voters. Nor does this measure allow for patient to have a home grow, its not specified in the amendment's text.

Proposition C has a huge flaw in that state lawmakers could overturn voter approval of Proposition C and kill the measure on arrival, as it only changes state law. Prop. C also prohibits home grow for patients and only allows a 14 day supply of medicine.

Amendment 2 stands apart with proper guidelines for safe access and use for medical cannabis. It allows doctors to recommend medical cannabis as a treatment option for patients with debilitating illnesses. This also allows for patient grow rights and local bans on dispensaries are not allowed. Revenue from the 4 percent tax on medical cannabis would go to the Missouri Veterans Commission.

Please, Vote Yes on Amendment 2 and reject Amendment 3 and Proposition C.