Sunday, June 10, 2018

Veterans Deserve Safe Access to Medical Cannabis

Veterans deserve equal and safe access to medical cannabis. Join us and tell your Member of Congress to support equal access for all veterans!
Ask your members of Congress to please support any bills or legislative language that would ensure greater access to medical cannabis for all veterans by clicking the 'Take Action' link below to email them.
Medical cannabis is a proven, safe and common-sense personal health management option, free of the devastating side effects of opiate-based drugs. It is now legal in 29 states and is a safer alternative to many federally legal treatments. Medicinal cannabis is an incredibly effective tool for veterans challenged with managing the symptoms of their wounds.
Veterans of military service have a disproportionately high rate of certain debilitating medical conditions as compared to the general population. 
Some of those conditions may result from injury or exposures to toxins, but not all. The correlation between military service and higher rates of certain conditions are clear and well-documented, but the cause is not known for many.
Cannabis has been found to help many patients suffering from conditions that can afflict veterans as a result of their service, including chronic pain, cancer, ALS, traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, and phantom limb pain. 
Resource For VeteransVeterans and Medical Cannabis Booklet [ ]
New Mexico Veterans Petition
Petition: Requesting The Inclusion Of A New Medical Condition: that "qualified patient" means; a resident of New Mexico who has been [diagnosed by a practitioner as having a debilitating medical condition and has received written certification and] issued a registry identification card [issued] pursuant to the Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use Act [and] on the basis of: 
(1) having been diagnosed by a practitioner as having a debilitating medical condition; or
(2) status as a veteran;
View the full Petition Here: 

Not all Petitions were heard or seen by the Advisory Board in 2017 and the Veterans Petition was one of them. 
Per the Department of Health’s legal counsel’s input, they said several Petitions “would require statutory changes or are not covered under the duties of the MCAB and would not discussed at the MCAB meeting”. 
Now with Department of Health’s legal counsel’s input, in saying that these petitions not heard require statutory changes or are not covered under the duties of the MCAB...let’s go back to 2010, 2014 and 2015. 
The New Mexico Department of Health in 2010 announced changes to its medical cannabis regulations, one of which was to add to the supply by increasing the number of plants licensed producers can grow from 95 to 150. After surveying medical cannabis program participants in 2013 , we saw in 2015 a set of rules was proposed and approved by the Department of Health allowing the LNPPs to have up to 450 plants, along with the highest re-licensure fees in the country. 
We have also seen the Department propose and make changes to rules and regulations that pertain to Registry Identification Cards, Qualifying Health Conditions, Personal Production License Registry & Regulations, one previous increase to quantities of cannabis necessary to constitute an Adequate Supply thats was increase in Producer's plant counts.
On top of the fact that Section 6 of New Mexico's Medical Cannabis Program Law clearly states this as a legal duty of the Medical Cannabis Advisory Board and the Secretary. The Lynn And Erin Compassionate Use Act ]
Find Your New Mexico State Legislator Here
Write, email, and call your Legislator and ask them why the Department of Health has been allowed to neglect the medical cannabis program law? 

Are You A Veteran? Want to be a Research Participant?
Project Title: Associations between Cannabis Use and Health and Wellbeing among New Mexican Veterans [ ]
Principle Investigator: Jacob M. Vigil, PhD
Specific Requirements: 1) U.S. Veteran status, enrollment in the NM MCP within 3 years, PTSD diagnosis; OR 2) U.S. Veteran status, PTSD diagnosis   
Contact: Dr. Jacob Vigil; E-mail; Phone (505) 277-0374

The approval of ALL the recommendations made by the Doctors on the Medical Cannabis Advisory Board, having the Department of Health to open the application process to add more licensed non-profit producers, and increasing the amount of medical cannabis plants a LNPPs and Patients can grow; would all need to be done to bring the State of New Mexico in compliance with the legal intent of the LECUA law and uphold the spirit of the Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use Act, 2007.
New Mexico’s medical cannabis history started 40 years Ago in 1978. After public hearings the legislature enacted H.B. 329, the nation’s first law recognizing the medical value of cannabis...the first law.

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