Thursday, March 22, 2018

“Exploring All Things Cannabis: Research in Action”

at The Institute of Cannabis Research Conference 2018

The Institute of Cannabis Research at CSU-Pueblo will host its second annual conference April 26-28 2018.

ICR Director Dr. Rick Kreminski said cannabis experts from around the world will share knowledge about scientific, medical, industrial, economic, legal and social aspects of cannabis research during the three-day forum at CSU-Pueblo, titled “Exploring All Things Cannabis: Research in Action.”

He said ICR Conference 2018 is expected to be even bigger than last year’s event, which attracted more than 500 attendees and researchers — and has already attracted more research abstracts.

Areas to be covered include industrial, agricultural, engineering, scientific and medical research; economic and business research; experiential knowledge including teaching and learning; social, behavioral, education and public health research; ethics; and regulation, legalization and public policy.

“The conference covers a wide spectrum,” Kreminski said. “We’re one of the few, and maybe we’re the only one, to take this broad view. … I was talking to a farmer from Otero county, for example, who has no interest in anything cannabis related, medical, whatever — [for him] this is just about hemp, hempcrete and hemp for structural work. We’ll have presentations on that.”

The ICR Conference is the first academically-based conference on cannabis, according to CSU-Pueblo’s website.

The opening address will be given by Dr. Audra Stinchcomb, a former CSU-Pueblo student, who is professor of pharmaceutical science at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy.

The Mechoulam Lecturer will be Dr. Vincenzo Di Marzo, who is research director at the Institute of Biomolecular Chemistry of the National Research Council in Pozzuoli, Italy, and coordinator of the Endocannabinoid Research Group in the Naples region.

The ICR was recently chosen to develop ground-breaking marijuana tracking technology for the state of Colorado as part of a bipartisan Senate bill, SB18-029.

Among the ICR’s current research projects: an investigation of the impact of industrial hemp fibers (less expensive and more environmentally friendly than wood) as viable replacements to wood when introduced into 3-D printing filament composites; a study to determine the utility of using industrial hemp as a remediation tool for municipal sewage sludge; and an observational study analyzing how the use of medicinal cannabis impacts adults with epilepsy, including reported side effects and overall quality of life.

Colorado State University-Pueblo is committed to excellence, setting the standard for regional comprehensive universities in teaching, research, and service by providing leadership and access for its region, while maintaining its commitment to diversity.

Registration costs: 
$300 if registered by March 15, 2018
$350 if registered by April 25, 2018
$400 on and after April 26, 2018
$99.00 for Veterans, Active Military Duty Personnel, and students with the appropriate ID

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Read more about the ICR’s role in developing cannabis tracking technology in the Feb. 16 Colorado Springs Business Journal.