Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Don't Let Jeff Sessions Win! Please Take Action Now!

Jeff Sessions rescinded the Cole Memo that provided a layer of protection to medical cannabis patients and programs.

In his memo he stated that the decision to repeal was because of “Congress’s determination that marijuana is a dangerous drug and that marijuana activity is a serious crime.” So, it is IMPERATIVE that we continue the only protections from federal interference we have, the CJS Medical Marijuana Amendment, which has to be renewed each year.

These current protections are set to expire on January 19th, so we REALLY need your help to ensure these protections continue in 2018. 

Contact your US Senators and Representative today to ask them to ensure the CJS Medical Marijuana Amendment is included in the FY2018 appropriations package AND end the federal conflict once and for all by sponsoring the CARERS Act.
“The U.S. Congress made the possession of marijuana in every state — and the distribution — an illegal act. If that’s something that’s not desired any longer, Congress should pass a law to change the rule." -Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Please Take Action Today!!! Contact Your US Congressional Delegation with the link below:

Americans for Safe Access

New Mexico Medical Cannabis Patient Group:
Lynn & Erin Compassionate Use Act Patient’s Coalition of New Mexico
LECUA Patients Coalition of New Mexico- Facebook Group

LECUA Patients Coalition of New Mexico Facebook Community Page

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"The American Medical Association has no objection to any reasonable regulation of the medicinal use of cannabis and its preparations and derivatives. It does pretest, however, against being called upon to pay a special tax, to use special order forms in order to procure the drug, to keep special records concerning its professional use and to make special returns to the Treasury Department officials, as a condition precedent to the use of cannabis in the practice of medicine."
~Wm. C. Woodward, Legislative Counsel - 11:37 AM Monday, July 12, 1937