Wednesday, March 29, 2017


What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is speaking in support of a person or an issue
Advocacy supports human rights
Advocacy is NOT case work, support work, self interest, mediation, conciliation,  counseling, or a means to achieving an individuals agenda and/or receiving a personal or financial benefit.

What is Inclusion?

Inclusion is full participation in the community
What is Transparency?

Transparency, as used in science, engineering, business, the humanities and in other social contexts, implies openness, communication, and accountability. Transparency is operating in such a way that it is easy for others to see what actions are performed.

Advocacy is having someone or group to stand beside you and with you if you think something is unfair or that someone is treating you badly and you would like to do something to change it.
An Advocate will:

• Listen to you
• Identify the issues they can help with
• Provide you with information
• Stand beside you so that you can be heard
• Assist you to solve your issues yourself
• Refer you to other organisations if necessary

There are three components to a successful facilitated advocacy plan:

Structure: Create a structure that establishes an ongoing advocacy program for health care policy relating to our medical cannabis program.

An organization's advocacy operations should include; specific goals, accountability, inclusion of its community and action plans. .

Relationships: Develop ongoing relationships with critical policymakers and key community leaders.

Action: Put your structure and relationships to work.

What is Exclusive? (per merriam-webster)
1a :  excluding or having power to exclude
b :  limiting or limited to possession, control, or use by a single individual or group
2a :  excluding others from participation
b :  snobbishly aloof
3a :  accepting or soliciting only a socially restricted patronage (as of the upper class)
b :  stylish, fashionable
c :  restricted in distribution, use, or appeal because of expense

“Exclusive” originated in the late 15th century (as a noun denoting something that excludes or causes exclusion): from medieval Latin: exclusivus, and from Latin: excludere ‘shut out’

“Advocacy” originated from late Middle English: via Old French from medieval Latin: advocatia, and from advocare ‘summon, call to one's aid’

When Advocacy & Inclusion are combined and put into Action = >  the results reach the Entire Community.