Sunday, June 5, 2016

LECUA Patients Coalition Of New Mexico

   Launching the LECUA Patients Coalition Of New Mexico ( LECUA PCNM ) is a great way to formally bring together like-minded activists in OUR medical cannabis community to work together toward ensuring safe access to medical cannabis. LECUA Patients Coalition Of New Mexico will provide a state network of activists and goals to provide a national coalition network and staff; who work together on a regular basis to achieve shared goals. A great grassroots movement brings together vibrant activists in an environment of mutual respect, shared responsibility, and constructive political activism and creates a space for new advocates to plug into the movement. The ideal grassroots movement is networked into the larger community and is a constructive voice for patients, future patients and providers of medical cannabis in the state of New Mexico.

The best grassroots movements combine the art of conversation with skilled activism. They are considered by elected officials to be a principled voice and smart resource for community leaders who are interested in addressing the question of medical cannabis. The primary focus is on Medical Cannabis, LECUA Patients Coalition Of New Mexico is solely focused on expanding safe access to medical cannabis in New Mexico. This means that LECUA Patients Coalition Of New Mexico position does support legalization of cannabis for non-medical purposes or on related issues, such as incarceration or sentencing standards for recreational drug use; this support will be to provide policy writing that first & foremost protects the Medical Cannabis Program in said legislation.

Nonpartisan Statement: LECUA Patients Coalition Of New Mexico cannot endorse candidates for elected office. This would be a violation of the organization's nonpartisan and nonprofit status. LECUA Patients Coalition Of New Mexico are also not allowed to use funds to make contributions to candidates' political campaigns.

However, it is acceptable—and highly encouraged—to seek candidates' positions on medical cannabis issues. It is also highly encouraged to invite political candidates to meetings or even host a meet and greet with candidates so they can get to know patients and LECUA Patients Coalition Of New Mexico members in their community. In addition, it is perfectly legal for  to campaign for or against ballot initiatives, referenda, state constitutional amendments, bond measures, or similar measures. Any position that LECUA Patients Coalition Of New Mexico takes will be in line with the focus on safe access to medical cannabis.

LECUA Patients Coalition Of New Mexico is NOT:
• One person
• Group that dispense medication
• Group that are linked to an individual medical cannabis provider
• Commercial entities or group that makes commercial endorsements or promotions

   The LECUA Patients Coalition Of New Mexico, as a grassroots organization, will be the leader in New Mexico amongst medical cannabis patients groups; setting the tone for respectful communication, fiscal integrity, and transparency in decisions and plans. Members will have a clear sense of how funds are spent, how decisions are made, and why they are all valued members of a team! As a group we will be seeking transparency from others and the LECUA Patients Coalition Of New Mexico will always be transparent itself.

   We have all almost certainly heard the phrase "medical cannabis movement," but have you stopped to consider what a movement is? And what it means to be a part of a "grassroots" movement? In terms of community organizing, a movement is simply a group of people who come together consciously, at their own cost, to accomplish a goal. The definition we use at LECUA Patients Coalition Of New Mexico, is that a movement is a group of people who come together to change outdated laws concerning medical cannabis, while providing support for those who are harmed by existing law.

   Some people say that a movement is not a movement until others outside the group know it exists. This is a good point. The goal of organizing is to change minds and laws, so grassroots movements must reach out to the broader public. But all movements start small and local. We have had a growing national movement for medical cannabis in New Mexico largely in part to groups like DPA, SSDP, ASA, & NORML; and now we need to provide a STRONG State, Regional & Local movement for medical cannabis in our community. It is up to all of us and our like-minded neighbors, friends and patients we know- to plant the seeds and grow the movement locally!

Movement leaders do not tell the grassroots members what to do or believe. Instead, they listen to the community and look to the members for solutions. 

After all, the medical cannabis movement exists to get medicine to patients and support the victims of bad laws. A clear focus on that mission helps us set priorities and make decisions not governed by politics, public relations, or economics.  As custodians to our grassroots movement, LECUA Patients Coalition Of New Mexico can help provide you with the tools you need to build the powerful grassroots base that will foster real change as our group moves forward. We all have a role in being sure that this grassroots movement grows, stays true to its roots, and acts like a mature social change movement. Dialogue and discussion are necessary and we need to be able to listen non-defensively and communicate respectfully if we are going to achieve the goals we want for our medical cannabis program and future legalization legislation policies.