Tuesday, June 14, 2016

LECUA Patient’s Coalition Of New Mexico

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Tuesday, June 14th  2016

The Medical Cannabis Community and the LECUA Patient’s Coalition Of New Mexico would like to introduce our Coalition to you.  We are all looking forward to new and healthy initiatives to come forth from our legislators and the upcoming session in 2017 to further benefit the wellness of our State’s medical cannabis community.  

The best grassroots movements combine the art of conversation with skilled activism. They are considered by elected officials to be a principled voice and smart resource for community leaders who are interested in addressing the question of medical cannabis. The primary focus is on Medical Cannabis, LECUA Patients Coalition Of New Mexico is solely focused on expanding safe access to medical cannabis in New Mexico.
This means that LECUA Patients Coalition Of New Mexico position does support legalization of cannabis for non-medical purposes or on related issues, such as incarceration or sentencing standards for recreational drug use; this support will be to provide policy writing that first & foremost protects the Medical Cannabis Program in said legislation.
While many different issues bring people to the issue of medical cannabis, the following are the beliefs and values that guide our work at LECUA Patients Coalition of New Mexico
· Cannabis is medicine and the truth is becoming more widely known and recognized
· Government should guide policy on compassion, care and scientific research
· The current federal policy on medical cannabis is hypocritical, immoral and a violation of basic human rights
· Government must be accountable to the people
· Everyone should have the right to produce, acquire
and use their own medicine

The LECUA Patient’s Coalition Of New Mexico is being organized to provide the latest scientific and medical based research for medical cannabis for the: patients, prospective patients, community education & information, physicians / medical professionals,  and for local & state organizations. We look forward to working together to find common ground with the State Department of Health’s Medical Cannabis Advisory Board to ensure the scope of the Lynn & Erin Compassionate Use Act, 2007, is in the best interest and application for the patients. And promoting the LECUA Compassionate Medical Cannabis Program in the State of New Mexico through educational initiatives and through Local, State & Regional Lobbying.

New Mexico has been providing Medical Cannabis to patients in the State since 1978; It’s our goal for New Mexico to return as the leader of safe and accessible medical cannabis for all patients in the State and be a leader for this in the Southwest,  amongst the Top 3 Programs Nationally, and then be a Top 10 Medical Program World Wide.

Respectfully Yours,

LECUA Patient’s Coalition Of New Mexico