Friday, April 22, 2016

Medical Cannabis Program

( my recent email advocating for myself and all patients )

Medical Cannabis Program
Jason Barker <> Wed, Apr 6, 2016 at 5:59 AM To:
Bcc: Anita Briscoe <>,,,

Jason M. Barker
Medical Cannabis Patient
ID Code: 0190414 (exp 3/23/16)
8708 Palomar Ave NE Albuquerque, NM 87109

 PH: 505­449­7460

Medical Cannabis Program 
New Mexico Dept. of Health 
1190 St. Francis Dr, S3400 
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Good Morning Ms. Soliz,
My name is Jason Barker, I am a patient in the Medical Cannabis Program and one who is waiting for their card 
renewal to completed. My qualifying condition is PTSD, in actuality its Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; I also live with Asperger's Syndrome, Poland's Syndrome; in addition to having a melanoma spot to be removed from my scalp on my head in 9 days. My renewal application for my card renewal and ppl paperwork was turned by me in person on Feb. 22nd 2016 at 9am to the MCP Office, my Card expired March 23rd; as of yesterday when I called the MCP office, mine is on day 45. Making it now 13 days to not have access to medicine, I'm one of these patients stuck in " medical cannabis purgatory" and not only does this raise great concern of my own situation in dealing with this matter but all the other patients too. What gave me my PTSD (leading to the CPTSD) was being molested as little boy growing by two neighbors, later in life I worked as an EMT doing Beach Patrol work in Hilton Head Island, SC) ( I assure what people can do to themselves is extremely sad ). I have also been mugged and sexually assaulted again in later in my life. Before I was a patient in the program, Doctor's were just happy to keep pushing an array of pills on me, and use of some have left me predisposed for early onset dementia. The first Doctor I saw through Presbyterian, was Dr. Charlie Jimmy who I had removed by the State Medical Board for over­medicating his patients with Xanax and Valium.


Registry identification card renewal application: Each registry identification card issued by the department is valid for one year from the date of issuance. A qualified patient or primary caregiver shall apply for a registry identification card renewal no less than 30 calendar days prior to the expiration date of the existing registry identification card in order to prevent interruption of possession of a valid (unexpired) registry identification card. Certifications from certifying providers must be obtained within 90 calendar days prior to the expiration of the patient’s registry identification card.

I have done all that is stated above for that process.

I also realize the Medical Cannabis Office is now using BioTrack, I had a nice conversation with Mr. Sparks from Biotrack yesterday, and that can affect things. I have also seen the medical cannabis office has had hiring ads up for expanding their staff and its also clear that they need to expand the size of their office to enable them to have room for new staff and equipment. I also know there is more than enough funding coming in from the medical cannabis program for those things to happen. Why has this not happened, what or who is the hold up and do they realizes they are jeopardizing people's lives by with these delays? Does the Department care about these patients and me? I'm a Catholic and Republican; lucky enough in college to work for Presidential Candidate John Kasich ­ does our Governor here in New Mexico have any idea the pain we go thru?

For me right now not having any medicine, I've lost almost 12 lbs ( I'm 40 years old, 5'5'' and 108 lbs ). My federal income last year ­ $0.00! I barely get enough money to eat on through SNAP and the State provides me a little over $200 a month for my disabilities.

I'm lucky to be able to sleep three or four hours before the nightmares I get that; I wake up feeling like I'm having a heart attack only to be awake and go into a flashback of seeing a woman I was on fire rescue to save in Hilton Head but we failed and could not save her because she filed a bathtub with gasoline and set herself on fire because of her abusive husband. And more and more of the symptoms from my debilitating condition rear their ugly head as my anxiety and panic attacks are so bad without my medical cannabis ­ I pass out and pee my pants. Do you have any idea what it's like to experience that in PUBLIC ­ how shameful and embarrassing it is...I have tremors, I'm scared, and constantly feeling cold. My self confidence is gone.
I'm stuck now in a emotional numbness; and back being extremely agoraphobic with avoidance of places, people, and activities that are reminders of the nightmare that is my life! I now have persistent fear, horror, anger, guilt, feelings shame haunting me once more since they delay and not being able to get the medicine my Doctor's have put me on so I can try to have somewhat of a life. And this disruption in my medicine, forced off it "cold turkey"; it will take me weeks to get back to a healthy state where I can begin to function again, and it will take even more time to gain the weight back I have lost.

The Medical Cannabis Advisory Board also has meeting set for Friday, April 29th 2016 at 10am. I have be planning on submitting a Petition at this meeting for over 6 months now and because of my card renewal and the current delays ­ this right of mine has been stolen away from me. As I can not meet the Petition requirements because I do not have my new medical card ID Code.
This seems extremely unfair to me as a patient, as it is not my fault that I can not meet these requirements but yet I am them one punished.

With the new Biotrack System, knowing this is a new program and new to the staff in the MCP office ­ why was there not further training provided ? How come the Department of Health has not granted a 30 or 45 day window of extents ion to all medical cannabis patients on there Card expiration due to these delays?
What can I do to help the Department of Health with this ? What can other patients do to help? ( My website and Facebook Pages below have the latest Scientific Research listed )

I look forward to a prompt reply. Thank you.
Best ­
Jason Barker